Virtual Sun and Moon by Virtual Magic Studio

Albert Goshman's "The Sun and Moon" from Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo is a classic in the realm of coin magic.

Virtual Sun and Moon is a modern take on this classic effect and makes it relevant to today's audiences.


Magician invites a spectator to participate in a game of observation with a Bitcoin (Gold Coin)and a Ethereum Coin (Silver).

The magician shows both coins and puts the Ethereum coin in his pocket, when he open his hand, both coins are in his palm.

The magician then retains the Ethereum coin in his right hand and puts the Bitcoin to his left hand, when he opens his hands, two coins transposed.

For the last time, the magician puts only the Bitcoin into his pocket but when he opens his hand, both coins vanish.

Multiple Phases. Virtually No Sleight. In the Trend.

Virtual Sun and Moon coin set comes complete with:

  • Expanded BitCoin Shell
  • Double Sided Bitcoin / ETH Coin
  • 3 Regular crypto currency coin: 1 Bitcoin and 2 Ethereum Coins
  • and a special coin box that can be used as an optional climax for the routine
  • Online Instruction Video

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