Entwined Hearts & Refill Packs

When Zenneth was invited to perform on one of the most popular shows of CCTV in 2011, Entwined Hearts was the first trick that he immediately thought of.

Spectator sign on the back of two of hearts, then make the two heart pips on the card slowly and visually come close to each other, the signed card is immediately hand out to spectator to keep.
This is the perfect effect to perform for couple or partnership event.
Strong Visual effect, Emotional hook, Impossible Object and Perfect Presentation
Entwined Hearts has everything that you can ask for in a perfect trick.

Included in the package:

  • Entwined Hearts moving pips gimmick
  • A dozen of Entwined Hearts give away cards, enough for 12 performances
  • Bicycle Double Backer
  • Web address for 30 mins of online instructional videos

Refill Packs
26 giveaway refill cards for Entwined Hearts

  • Printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock
  • Refill cards only
  • No instruction is provided

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Important Notice:
T.V. Performance Rights of Entwined Hearts is reserved, please contact Zenneth Kok if you would like to perform it for your TV appearance.
T.V. Performance Rights of Entwined Hearts in China for year 2012 is sold to Lu Chen

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